Neornithes -  Neoaves - Psittacidae - Melopsittacus undulatus


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Parakeet Taxonomy see Psittaciformes - Psittacidae


50% Millet seed 
(French White, 
 Panicum, Red 
 & Japanese)
30% Canary Seed
10% Oat Groats
5% Wheatberries
4% Sunflower Seed
1% Rape Seed
Groats and sunflower are the best seeds for soaking, because they are high in energy, lysine and methionine.
Spray Millet
Nutrition content of Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet, Oats and Quinoa 

Aviculturist Mike Owen of Queensland, Australia recommends feeding a seed mix accompanied by fresh food that consists of 40% canary seed, 20% white millet, 20% Japanese millet, and 20% panicum. This mix has an overall fat content of 3.1%. The addition of fresh foods brings this total fat content for the diet down even further to approximately 2% or lower.

The True Ambassador

The Grains
The Legumes
 Budge Banquet 
A superb blend of Canary / White and Red Millet / Groats / Hemp / Safflower and Niger Seed 

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